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Is it wrong of me to get angry with my mom and cousins about giving our boat away (read)?

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As a lot of you may know, my father passed away suddenly this april. We have a boat & we used to go out on the lake & fish a lot, just me & him. Those are a lot of my memories with him on that boat. When he passed, my cousin (mind you who is very irresponsible
& spoiled) begged us to give him my dad's truck. Which I talked my mom out of so we ended up giving it to his bank. Before my dad passed we were in the process of selling the boat, but he couldn't decide who to sell it to. After he passed we just called everything off & left the boat alone. The week after he died him & I where gonna go on the lake one last time before we got rid of the boat, but obviously we never made it..Anyways, recently my cousin got himself a new truck, & he keeps trying to convince my mom to let him have it & my mom wants to give it too him. I don't want him to have it, I don't want to have too see it in his hands. If I'm gonna have to look at the boat everyday, then it can stay on our drive way where it has been for the past 7 years, if were gonna get rid of it then I never want to see it again, as in it can't go to family. Is it wrong for me to be upset about this ?