What is the difference between Christianity and Islam???

What is the difference between Christianity and Islam? I know Christianity is when you believe Jesus is the SON of god (some other people said he was god which confrusled meh), there are like, a billion different types of it and Islam is similar expect they call god Allah, Muhammad is like their Jesus they have the typically the same belief’s and values as Christians, and the Muslims you see on TV are mean, blow them selves up, kill others who are not Muslim, suppress woman, ect. any way…answer please

Answer #1

Like I said before, there are many METHODS. As for the FORMS you mentioned, only one of them involved the ‘torture’ you mentioned earlier.

There’s also emotional brainwashing.

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In Islam, Jesus is merely a prophet - in Christianity, it is recognized that He is the Son of God, Savior of the world, and the only WAY to Heaven is a person having accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior - Salvation (see John 3 : 16)

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Just a little info:

The Muslim extremists (human bombs) you see on TV, are to Islam… As the KKK and/or Nazism is to Christianity.

Every religion has its idiots… Islam’s idiots are just more combustible.

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The article is irrelevant… and I’m not dismissing anyone. I’m only providing plausible factors that you aren’t considering… while you seem more concerned with portraying your teachers as infallible. Which is both unnecessary and impossible.

Have you bothered to look up the definition yet?

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hey hivtyrant and captainassasin, I think both of you have good views. but you gotta see that its no use disagreeing over stuff like this. yeah, some really ARE brainwashed since almost birth, while some really strongly believe and ‘love’ their god so much they would do anything to make their beliefs obvious. like soldiers who die for their country, believe they are doing it FOR their country and die with dignity ya? same with religious people like these muslim extremists. yes, they are extreme. not every muslim is like this. I live in a country with half its population muslim as well as surrounding countries are muslim. THEY ARE WONDERFULY KIND PEOPLE and are NOT to be mistaken for the extremist muslims because really, in israel, the chirstians and jews are just as extreme. they kill, they murder steal and fight with the other religions when god says to get along. so every religion has its extreme people who really really belive they are doing good, others are just pure wack jobs. anyways, back to original qn, yes, christianity is where god and jesus and the holy spirit are one while islam is where jesus is a prophet, NOT THE SON OF GOD. islam koran sorta stops at the old testement and then continues with their own. so technically, most of christian and koran’s old testements are same, abraham and all tt stuff. but the rest is different. you could study this out, its not hard and very interesting =D good luck people.

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Take a look at that. These are some of the “latest”, involving comments and remarks made by certified psychologists. Those directly or indirectly involved in the field of psychology understand the difference between training, conditioning, and brainwashing. You may label something as “brainwashing”, but 99% of the time, this is because you simply do not understand or do not agree with another’s point. As said in these articles, since you just can’t understand how anyone can willingfully believe something, it MUST be brainwashing.

And do not be so quick to dismiss a college professor. These men and women stay most up to date, in my experience. You can take their class in one decade, then another 10 years later, and often, they’ve adapted their lessons to that of the currently acceptable curriculum. Not to mention all of the professors I associate with are a day over 50. Thomas R. Flagel. Look him up. A most well published historian. He isn’t that old.

Answer #7

Don’t think whats different, think whats common, so that by practising common things the world could become a better place. Both forbid evil deeds, both order to serve humanity, both order to develop brotherhood, and a lot more,

And the other matter:- Every religion has black sheeps, Since kiling inocent beings satisfy these suicide bombers, they just ‘THINK” that they are doing such things for the sake of God. These things are never taught in ANY religion, There are some groups in Afghanistan and in north westren part of Pakistan(where operation is carried out to wipe ‘em off the map) who train these bombers, they tell them if you kill x why z people you will get Heaven, and they manage to make them agree by showing them videos about wars and muslims being tormented, which arouse in them a passion to fight, thus they become ready. Even they dont leave their country unharmed. Pakistan is hit by these attacks ‘ATLEAST’ once or twice a weak, where 98% population is Muslim. So if Islam is the cause of all this, why would such people kill Muslims???

Answer #8

Muslims worship the Supreme Power which created the universe, including Man, animals, sun, moon, jesus, mohammed, etc…This Supreme Power has Angels which descend down to give the message and the rules that the Supreme Power wants its people to live by. The Supreme Power has many names, “ALLAH” is the most common name that Muslims will use, but basically, the Angels are many, and they all fulfill the orders given to them by God “ the Supreme Power” . Angel Gabriel came down with the scriptures and gave them to Muhammed/Jesus/Moses/Abraham and MANY MORE men were chosen to deliver the message of God. The people that received these scriptures changed the word of God and that’s why the word of God in the bible is so contradicting. Men didnt like the message of God and that’s why it’s so contradicting. The only scripture that remains untouched is the Quran. The proof is found in the Quran where God says, if this book was from any other than God, you would have found contradictions in it. And there’s NONE in the Quran but MANY in the bible. Please read the QURAN to find out What God wants from you. Muslims are doing a lot of evil so is ALL MANKIND but please realize that Muslims ARE NOT SAINTS, they are merely people and PEOPLE SIN.

Answer #9

NO!! Jesus is not the son of god ! That’s not true.. God sent Jesus to Mariam since she needed a son and she was not married.. Their is only ONE God and Islam believe in Jesus but not as the (son of god)..

Answer #10

^^^to captainassassin …if you don’t knoe nothing about islam than don’t say no sh@t bout it…because I have muslims friends and there hella coool…nothing on television about islam is true…there is a difference tho muslims don’t eat pork… my muslim friend prays… 5 times a day…and who ever thinks islam people are bad people than you don’t know nothing…and if you talk sh$@ bout islam than you are the idiot..kk…and who are you to judge…everyone is different!!!^^^

LEARN TO READ…he wasn’t insulting muslims, he was saying that you get idiots in every religion…

Also muslims eating pork isn’t the only difference. Basically Christians believe In Jesus as the son of God, whereas Muslims only see Jesus as a prophet.

^^^still he didn’t have the right to put human bombs…my friends are obviously emtional about that..^^^

If things like that make them emotional, maybe they shouldn’t visit religion forums and discuss it.

Answer #11

hivetyrant, good argument, but partially, brainwashing has taken a role in it. Have you heard about the recent news that an old lady called the “Mother” of female suicide bombers got arrested in Iraq?

Basically, what she did was get all these young women raped, then these victims would be sent to her for advice on how to carry on with their lives from the traumatic experience. This lady would then try to persuade the victims to become suicide bombers as their only escape from the shame and to reclaim their honor. Doesn’t that sound like brainwashing?

Here’s more info on the “Mother of believers”: http://news.aol.com/article/mother-of-iraq-female-suicide-bomber/324387 http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,487142,00.html

Answer #12

They aren’t brainwashed. By no means. At most, they’ve simply been conditioned all their lives for that one act. A good portion of others simply do it because they’re trying to prove their devotion to the religion(albeit in an extreme way, “extremist”), some I’m willing to bet do it for vengeance, and I’m willing to bet occasionally you’ll find one of the “human bombs” have lost the will to live, or put no value in their own lives to begin with.

The word brainwash is a heavily overused term. Brainwashing involves physical and chemical torture in addition to conditioning. Social conditioning is just something that you’ve grown up with.

Answer #13

All gave me the same definition on brainwashing:conditioning brought about by physical and/or chemical torture.

Did you ask them how long ago they learned that definition? Have any of them ever bothered to stay current? Try looking up the definition(S) yourself. Books are updated WAY more often than a professor’s brain.

Answer #14

I pray that many times a day. Once in the morning, once at night, and once at every meal. and I’m Christian.

If you want to get technical, Islam was founded after Christianity when Mohamed claimed to have a vision of the one of the well-known angels. He then went on to organize Islam, and over time, it developed into the religion today.

Answer #15

still he didn’t have the right to put human bombs…my friends are obviously emtional about that..

I have the right to call them that, because that is EXACTLY what they are, because it is EXACTLY what the extremists are brainwashed into doing.

You obviously weren’t paying attention to what I was saying… so… PAY ATTENTION.

Answer #16

uh..prestondakness, have you even read anything about islam? muslims are not allowed to kill anybody unless to defend yourself and you cannot ever force anything upon anyone not even when it comes to wearing the hijab. I suggest you do some research before you make false statements against any person or religion.its really aggravating and insulting. im muslim and was in a private muslim school majority of my life and I was never taught any of the things you claim we think and believe. im personally insulted by what you said.

Answer #17

Look, I can walk up to any history or psychology professor to get you a definition. While I was at the campus today, I asked three. All gave me the same definition on brainwashing:conditioning brought about by physical and/or chemical torture.

What I presented prior is my personal opinions, accompanied by a little leeway for the popular(if misinformed) opinion.

Answer #18

The word brainwash is a heavily overused term. Brainwashing involves physical and chemical torture in addition to conditioning.

No… torture isn’t REQUIRED for it to be considered brainwashing. That is merely one of MANY methods.

Answer #19

Basically, what she did was get all these young women raped, then these victims would be sent to her for advice on how to carry on with their lives from the traumatic experience. This lady would then try to persuade the victims to become suicide bombers as their only escape from the shame and to reclaim their honor. Doesn’t that sound like brainwashing?

Yes, it does. While it does not follow the psychological definition of brainwashing completely, this is a more subtle form.

And no, there are not that many forms of brainwashing. Perhaps methods within those forms, but brainwashing truly is overused. Is a child raised in a Christian home, and grows up to be a stubborn “believer” brainwashed? No, he has merely given in to social conditioning. Yet, I hear people call this “brainwashing” on a daily basis.

From my studies(and no, I’m not a certified psychologist, if you want to use that against me), there are essentially three forms. The first is the one I described, mixing physical and chemical torture with heavy conditioning. This does not necessarily mean strapping someone to a chair, forcing the eyes open with some diabolical device, and make them watch a slideshow while pumping hallucinogens into their blood, though this is an effective method for the average human being.

The next is essentially influential brainwashing. This would probably better fall under manipulation or subtle conditioning, but to humor you, let’s take for instance the female suicide bombers. They went through a traumatic experience that, in a middle-eastern society, essentially made them into something worse than a murderer. A wh0re among Muslims is not a good thing, to say the least, and unfortunately, in most cases, a woman who lost her virginity outside of a Muslim marriage is a whre among them, no exceptions. This compounds on the trauma caused by the actual rape. And then these women are open to a number of influences in their distress. This distress can be molded into anger, and that anger then directed towards an action that they wouldn’t commit in their right mind. Of course, in this case, it all comes down to choice, and one’s agency. I don’t care if they were neglected and abused, ect., the Columbine Shooters still CHOSE to commit their act, just like these women CHOSE to go blow themselves and dozens of other people to kingdom come. This is why I consider this to be more manipulation or conditioning.

The third form of brainwashing is putting a person inside of an environment, give them a set of materials to live strictly by, and punish them severely for even the slightest change in that standard. And no, this would not describe most Christian or religious families. Say you’re loading a dishwasher, and there’s a set place for each particular dish. Now say there are three bowls, all identical in design, but somehow, the antagonist can tell them apart. you load everything else perfectly, but as an honest mistake, you switched the position of the two bowls. The antagonist then walks up behind you, strikes you to the ground, and verbally berates you to the point that you no longer feel even remotely human. And think about having to grow up like this. Though it can be more subtle, such as slowly taking away ones possessions every time they so much as said a word wrong. Essentially punishment for not following the strictest of rules. This form is oten employed by big corporations.

Answer #20

advicegrl, try reading captainassasin’s answer properly before coming to any conclusions. He wasn’t saying that muslims are bad people, all he said was that all religions have their extremists but it doesn’t mean that they represent the religion or its community- full stop.

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