What makes Catholicism and Christianity different?

Is it beliefs, rituals, basically why are they two seperate branches of christianity?

Answer #1

I’m no expert on religion, but isn’t Catholicism a denomination of Christianity?

Answer #2

Catholicism is a branch of Christianity so you can’t exactly answer this question. Do you mean What’s the difference between Catholic and Protestant? You need to pick another branch of Christianity to get a good answer.

Answer #3

christianity goes by the Holy Sciptures (the word of God) catholic goes by the Roman Pope and Bishops. which have been written and added throughout the years of the Catholic Church. Catholics have many teachings and rituals that are different from christians. christians believe the Holy Bible is the exclusive authority.

Answer #4

The term Christian appears in the New Testament and predates the the Protestant Reformation by over 1,000 years. Christianity means follower of Christ. You may have doctrinal differences with other sects but to say that Catholics are not followers of Christ seems a tad presumptuous. The doctrine Sola Scriptura (by scripture alone) was a product of the Reformation. Catholic and Orthodox branches considered scripture one authority with sacred traditions as well as the leadership of the church other authorities. Note that it is human judgement which books were included in the Bible. The Protestant, Catholic, and Orthodox Bibles have different books. Someone had to decide what to accept and what to reject so even the scriptures are based on authority of man.

Answer #5

thats not at all whaT i meant. I didn’t mean that they only followed the pope. Of course the bible as well but christians dont have a pope, just the bible

Answer #6

^ true…but one of the biggest differences is “Christians” don’t believe in the importance of Mary the way Catholics do

Answer #7

It is. The major thing is that Catholics praise saints and the virgin Mary. most other dominations believe you go straight to christ.

Answer #8

Um, Catholics ARE Christians

Answer #9

Yes they are a branch of christians just have different “rules”

Answer #10

My gosh, what is with people gangin up on me. READ what i say. it doesnt say nothing about catholics only following the pope. It says they have a pope. It doesnt say that they are NOT christians. It says they have a POPE and we dont. READ

Answer #11

Sorry if you feel like folks are ganging up on you. Your post reads like you ARE saying Catholics are not Christians. You say “Christians don’t have a pope, just the Bible.” A corollary of this would be, Catholics have a pope therefore they are not Christian. In any case, Papal authority in the Catholic church comes from the Bible. Matthew 16:18 “And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” Growing up a Presbyterian we were taught that this referred to a literal rock rather than Simon Peter. Catholics are taught that Simon Peter was the rock and was the 1st pope.

Answer #12

I see. i didnt mean it like that at all. I actually follow some catholic “rules” like Lent. I was pointing out that that is one of the differences. They are a brach of Christians but are called Catholic thats why it seems as if i am saying they are different. In some ways they are ex: pope

Answer #13

their concepts regarding god

Answer #14

its one of the 71 sects of christianity

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