How are Christian and Jewish beliefs different?

I’m Christian, and my friend is Jewish. He told me the only difference between the two is that they don’t believe Christ is our savior like Christians do. Is this true? Or can someone explain the differences between the two? And this is a different question, but isn’t being Catholic and Christian the same thing? And is it against Christian beliefs to date someone of a different religion? Thanks!:) I know I have a lot of questions here.

Answer #1

Ok so the christian believe in jesus and how he came to save us from sins right? Well Jewish people believe that jesus wasnt really the son of god and they do believe that a saviour is coming but they think he was come on like a white horse dressed in the finest clothes stuff like that. Not how the christian jesus came to. <<this is how my jewish friend explained it to me. And catholics are different because we give mary more credit unlike baptist and methodist and we also go to confession where we believe by telling our sins to jesus and repenting we are forgiven. I know alot of people who date out of their beliefs but im pretty sure they dont say anything about it in the bible but tipicaally jewish marry jewish and catholics marry catholics and sometimes like a catholic and lets say baptist happen

Answer #2

Essentialy yes the main difference is whether you believe Jesus is the son of God or not - that was the split off point.

Catholicism is a branching off of Christianity and is among many others with all the essential beliefs. It’s more of a modern thing where followers have different views over social issues really…

I don’t think it’s literally against the rules to date someone of a different religion although it would probably be frowned upon by some of the die-hard followers. However people can get married, have different religions, yet still have a religious ceremony so nobody has actually put their foot down and said no.


Answer #3

Well, basically that’s the difference between Christians and Jews. Jew’s bible is kinda like the christian old testament…. however, Christianity is more concerned with the new testament (being Jesus was the subject of the New Testament). The Jews (don’t quote me cause I’m doing a he said she said thing) believe that their Messiah is still to come to bring Jews back to the great standing they once had. They see him as more of a warrior unlike the teacher/servant Jesus portrayed.

And Catholics do have a different system than Christians. We have the same bible and essentially the same beliefs (Jesus being son of God, died for our sins, etc.)

Answer #4

There are several differences other than Christ in the two religions. The main differences:

  1. Christ. Jews believe that Jesus is not the Messiah because he did not complete his Messianic duties before death. Those duties were to rid the world of sin, and to unite all people together. Since he basically sacrificed himself for the people’s sins, he is not the Messiah. Christians however, believe that Jesus sacrificed himself for the purpose that he will return many years later, known as the Second Coming. During this period, he will return and free the people of their sins and send them to Heaven to spend an eternity with him and his father. Since Jesus died, there is no Second Coming in Judaism.

  2. Heaven and Hell. In Christianity, there is a place called Heaven and a place called Hell. These two exist between Earth, and based on your deeds, you go to one of them. In Judaism however, we have one place known as Olam Haba. Olam Haba is a “paradise” where every soul goes there. To explain in simpler terms, think of this: If a person does good deeds and makes a connection to God, then when he goes to Olam Haba, it will be filled with things beyond his dreams. If a person does good deeds but does not make a connection to God, he goes to Olam Haba and it’s just “okay” for him. If a person does bad deeds, he will find that Olam Haba is the worst thing ever. So in a way, it’s just how you perceive it to be based on your connection to God.

  3. Laws. As you know, Jews practice Kashrut, a dietary law that tells them what is allowed to eat. Things that are allowed are called Kosher, and things that are not, are called treif. Treif foods are pork and rabbits and certain insects. Christians do not follow these laws. This is only part of the Old Testament. Other laws are described in Leviticus and Deuteronomy, stating that: Tattoos are forbidden. Being alone with the opposite sex is not allowed unless you two are married. Must not touch a woman for 7 days if she has her period. Always eat with your right hand and shave with the left. *Cover yourself in the presence of the opposite sex if not related.

4.Fasting/Marriage. Jews fast several times during the year, to repent their sins, while Christians do not. Attending temple is also not just a Sunday activity, it is an everyday activity. Marriage between two people is the most sacred bond. It is like completing the other half of the puzzle, and a Jew can ONLY marry a Jew. Inter-faith marriages are frowned upon heavily. Most marriages are also arranged by the parents when the child comes of age (15-18), but love marriages are becoming popular nowadays.

As for Catholicism, it’s another branch of Christianity, with stricter beliefs tying to the Jewish beliefs somewhat. It really depends on the location of the group since every scholar interprets the laws differently.

Answer #5

You are right, the most basic difference between judaism and christianity is the belief in jesus as the savior. There are a lot of ritualistic and dogmatic differences too.

As far as catholicism goes, all catholics are christians. There are many different sects of christianity. The catholic church is the original one that all others split off from. So it is the oldest, and by far the largest christian religion.

As far as marrying outside your religion, it depends on which one it is. The catholic church requires both people to be catholic in order to get married in the church, and they don’t recognize any marriages that take place outside the church. Other forms of christianity differ.

Answer #6

Christianity has been around 2000 years and has many branches. Not even all Christians believe the same things. Judaism is even older and there are many branches with different beliefs and emphasis as well. both Jews and Christians are Abrahamic religions (as are Islam and Baha’i). Speaking in generalities Jews believe in the laws and covenant of the Bible (Old Testament). Christians believe that Jesus came to give us a new covenant and also follow the New Testament (Bible++). As far as dating outside your faith, there is the bit in Corinthians that warns Christians not to be yoked with an unbeliever. Since Judaism is an Abrahamic religion are Jews unbelievers? They do worship the same God after all. The first Christians were a sect of Jews that worshiped Jesus. Shortly later Christians started to convert Pagans who were never Jews so there is a strong classical (Early Greece and Hellenic Rome) influence on Christianity so these early Christians had many views. The Catholic (universal) church unified Christians of the time establishing a creed to be followed by all Christians and those who refused were considered heretics. Even though the Catholic church existed to unite all Christians there have been a number of branches off of Catholicism. There is the orthodox branches that believed that the Catholic church was going away from the original teachings of Jesus. Later Islam formed when Muhammad taught that Jesus was a messiah who brouth the truth but it had been corrupted over time. Then Martin Luther challenged several Catholic church doctrines which lead to the Protestant branch of Christianity branching off. Christian can mean a number of things to believers. Some use it as a universal (even more universal) term for all followers of Jesus. Others see themselves as the true Christians and other branches as corrupt and no longer worshiping Jesus. In the first sense Catholics are Christian but in the second they may or may not be.

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