Christianity and Islam

Well why is it that more people are converting from christianity to islam and almost none from islam to christianity?The convert rate is also high.Why??? Please this is a serious question.

Answer #1

Muslims can’t actually leave their religion once they’re in it. In some laws, it is punishable by death.

Answer #2

Where do you get your statistics? Is it from a formal study, or just personal observation?

Answer #3

I don’t believe the study. There have been several studies in the last several years published by Muslim apologetic groups dramatically twisting reality.

Answer #4

most women take on theyre husbands belief, to be welcomed into the family and to be by their husbands side… so maybe thats why…

conversion studys are still a bit blurry…so you shouldnt base everything on them…

Answer #5

A formal study ofcourse.

Answer #6

While Christianity has more followers than Islam the number of Christians has been stable for years as Islam has been growing. If current trends continue the number of Muslims will surpass the number of Christians around the mid 21st century.

I”m not sure what the conversion rate is between the various religions. It would be very interesting if someone made a fully connected graph of the world’s top religions with percentages that each group converts to another.

Answer #7

well to tell you the truth. you are right muslims dont convert to Christianity mainly because the religion we follow is correct the book we follow has no flaw no contradictions and is the real word of god. it has not been changed since its been bought down to earth. which was 1400 years ago. every copy you will find is exactly the same as every other one that is in arabic. the english on might be a lil diff just because translation is diff. speaking statistically by 2015 the majority will be muslim in the world. this is not a personal statistic but the truth look it up. americans are the fasted growing people to embrace Islam. only because christian read the bible and see its flaws and see that it has been changed a lot over time. there are parts where you can tell that this part is real, but than there are more parts where your can tell that a human wrote this. not trying to offend anyone by telling you guys all this but its all true. if you dont believe me open your eyes. be open minded and you will see that I am not lying. to informer, you said woman take on their husband believe to be welcomed in their family. well you are mistaken islam isnt one of those religions. only way someone can turn to islam is by their own choice. they have to believe they that they want to be muslim and follow the religion accordingly. if they turn muslim because of what you said they arent considered muslims. its notthe fact that muslims cant leave their reigions its the fact that they dont want to. they have the truth in front of their face with proof as well. whywould someone deny the truth when it is in front of their face? that would be stupid wouldnt it? to Johnathan you are smart for noticing the stat people will tell you they arent true, but you and I both know it is true. islam is the sec biggest religion in the world and the most fastest growing its been proven. look more into islam. read the english version so you can see what its about. the original old scripture of the bible before it was changed a lot of times, you will see that islam and christianity are a lot alike. except islam is just a better version of it. it only makes you a better person. this isnt my word this is a word of a person who converted from christianity the was a orthodox. priest and minister are also converting to islam but they never say that on the tv lol. go to youtube and type in yusef estes a ex minster. laters

Answer #8

because believe it or not the whole world should become muslim one day we all be collected in the judgement day and some people may just tell me what i say is not true but i am not in hurry lets wait for that day

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