what is the craziest thing you have ever done

haha, the craziest thing I have ever done was when me and my best friend went to rodizio’s wearing feathery boa’s and huge sunglasses. we took a glove filled with water and we drew a smiley face on it and had them sing ‘happy birthday’ to it (they were laughing their heads off) and then we made a ‘drink’ and it had a bunch of garbage in it. with a banana peel on top. then the glove commited suicide by us dropping it over the railing.:D oh and also, when we came home from lagoon and we went to mcdonalds. the guy that took us (tim) ordered ‘fish and chips’ with icecream on the sandwich :D and in british accents (we were all talking in british accents) and then we got a drink with a bunch of crap in it. that was so much fun…:D and we also go pickles and cheese:D hahah. also me and my best friend went to susie’s deals and we put on the ugliest fattest clothes that we could find and then we found these HUGE HUGE HUGE boxers. we could both fit into them (one in each leg) then I bought it.. we walked around in them:D and now they are currently hanging on my wall:DD haha wow that’s long…:Dhaha

Answer #1

I had make a nude run in train with singing a somg ‘Bar bar dekho hazar bar dekho…’ just rolling my brief with my fingers to win a bet.

Answer #2

naked also by a train station screaming bow chigga wow wow at everyone who went past skinny dipping numerous fireworks pranks soap the vinyl stairs at school (liquid soap) funny results

But the best for last:

there was a few cool ones with the motorcycles. I think best one was this: One was when me and a group of friends (6 maybe 7 other guys) all on bigger sportbikes, were going to a place called Akaroa, basically a few LOOONG staights, then hills and twisties. Anyhows, on the straights, we were going at least 180kmph average speed, we were trying to see who could hold a wheelie longest at high speeds. All of a sudden we fly past a cop… Imagine cruising along in ya copper car, getting people going over the10kmph over mark (100k zone) and WOOSH WOOSH WOOSH WOOSH like 8 times, most on back wheel!!! We all just kept going and I dont think he even tried to chase. Good fun though :)

Answer #3

The craziest thing I have ever done was when friends Hannah, Julianna, and Marissa went to spendd the night at the great esca lodge and at night we knocked on peoples door and said “chickity china the chineese ccken” then we ran away. And then whn we walked by people we said “dun dun dun DUN” then we made a gun with are hands and rolled on the ground and pointed to them and said “bam bam” then we ran away lol.

Answer #4

The craziest thing I’ve ever done is prolee dew a nude run and like jumped into a pool naked in fronta all mii frends it was on a dare! L0L and once I snuck outta mii house at like 11 at night while mii mom was awake and I walked tew mii frends house in mii pjz then I got caught and grounded and got mii cell tooken away! Lmfa00 and another time I went tew the movies with mii frends and I ran upp and down the row flashing mii lil light at people and tlkin out loud about what was gunna happen in the nex scene! L0L it was funny!! Hahahaha I like doin crazy random stuff like standing at the stop sign at night in like mii pjz and bed hair and just start singing and yelling random crap…mii neighbors prolee think I’m on crack or sumthin hahahahaha =) its tew funny man LMFA000

Answer #5


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