what is the dumbest thing you've ever done

the dumbest thing I’ve done was poke my eye with a fork on purpose because I was at a party and I got a little too hyper lol what about you?

Answer #1

HA HA HA! I’ve had a fork in my eye, too! …but it was an accident…my little sister…yeah…

Answer #2

one time my friend and I dumped shampoo on her patio , then we slid across it into her trashcans

Answer #3

put hair dye in my eye lol that was just plain dumb

Answer #4

Haha this is gonna sound stupid but I stabbed myself with a pencil in the arm =]

Answer #5

The dumbest thing I’ve ever done is try to pull a door open at a library when there was a sign on the door that said PUSH in big, red block letters. I didn’t notice. I kept trying to pull until someone imptaiently pushed for me. hahaha.

Answer #6

I’ve totally done that. feels pretty dumb!

Answer #7

I got extremely drunk and wore a milk-crate over my head. Then I went and talked to a street-gang which I had never associated with before, lol. Don’t know why I didn’t get rolled, but it was definitely a stupid thing to do, haha.

Answer #8

hmm.. probably stared at a car full of guys at a stop light..

they attempted to follow me, my mom, and my grandma home!!!

or maybe the dumbest thing I ever did was… meet some guy off of myspace.. haha I wonder why I havent been raped yet…

Answer #9

the dumbest thing I’ve ever done was take off running full speed threw the house and hit the wall even though I saw it right in front of me. haha. :)

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