What is thu craziest thing you have ever done x 8) x ?

what is thu craziest thing you have ever done x just wonderin x because some people say im mad x but in a funny way x ??? x lolz x 8)

Answer #1

ahaha I went skinny dipping when I was 10 on the fourth of July. I want to go skinny dipping agian. aha Or when I was 12 I accidently got wasted. My older brother and his friends were drinking and then they left and I was cleaning the house and there were half empty beer cans all around so as I was cleaning I was just finishing them all. ahaha It was horrible. Or I used to play extreme versions of ding dong ditch. I’d rip open people’s trash bags and dump it all of their portches and run my a*s off after knocking on the door. Or Or, there was this time when me and some people, well, not me really, but someother people broke this old man’s windsheild because we found out he was a pedophile. I just helped gather rocks. It took forever to get a couple holes in the windsheild. Or this one time we were messing around in the retirement home elevator and Ip picked up the emergency only phone and it automatically called the police and when we got the the first floor they were on their way in the door and we hit the up button really fast, but one of them put their foot in the door and it opened right back up. OR this one time we found nails in an old lady’s parking lot and she accused us of putting them there so we started throwing them at her. That was kind of mean, but okay.

Answer #2

lmfao awesome question first of all and hmmm … breaking into an apartment with some friends. or letting some random person I didn’t know drive me home. OO never let my parents know that lolz but ya I am not that insane as most people ^^

Answer #3

The craziest thing would have to be … Me , my best friend and our boyfriends going on a big ramble down to the train tracks then jumping over some old ladies back wall because we nearly got killed by a train and then her dog chashing us out of her garden and down to a nearby river where my boyfriend fell in lol !! then after all that we realised we were lost and it took us 6 hrs to find our way home lol … Such a funny day !! Wouldnt do it again tho !! lol…

Xo :)

Answer #4

uhh.. craziest would have to have been drinking with my friends… all off us down the bottom of a pitch and my ma wanted me cus ther wer words gan around that the older kids wer drunk (we wer) and a girl who was quite drunk was on me and wouldnt let me go, she just wanted to be on me. we then climbed onto a roof and downed vodka and sum jumped, sum climbed down.

Answer #5

your all daredivelz x lolz x

Answer #6

playing ding dong ditch and got caught by this old lady. sneaking into a second movie and getting caught.

Answer #7

ooo unlucky



Answer #8

doing adult stuff in the cinema lol it was fun but I dident know they had night vision cameras (I WENT ALL RED AND SHY )

Answer #9

it was horrible everyone was looking at me because I was trying not to moan lol

Answer #10



Answer #11

kl x

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