What is the craziest thing that you have ever done as a dare?

I was just curious of what are the craziest thinngs that you have ver done in a truth or dare game or just a regular dare. Me and my friends were thinging about playin it with some girls so we just wanted some ideas! thx

Answer #1

tell the girl to have sex with you or make thume take their close off use your brian.

Answer #2

I didn’t do it but my friend did..We were playing truth or dare in school and the dare was just to bite one guy’s lip. the guy wasn’t a guy she liked very much, but they ended up making out for some reason. but it made the game a whole lot more exciting and funny. lmao xD

Answer #3

This was like last year, and we were all in a circle and I got dared to go in a room with a guy and take pics nude and out them at whatever sotial site and we did it, even dough I took the off like 20 minutes latter, I think it was something crazy!! Ugh!!

Answer #4

One day a bunch of us was viben at one of my friends house and she lives right infornt of a walmart …we were really bored and one of my homeboys brought up the game truth or dare…When it was my turn they dared me to go into walmart and put on mans underwear and a grandma luking bra on and walk around da store…My homegirl tina did it with me and we walked around the store intill the sercutiy saw us and chased us out lol it was embrassing but funny at the same time

Answer #5

^^^ weird andd why the he’ll do you talk ghetto ?! Anyways ,, me and a couple of friends were in school and we had a sub. And I was dared to stand on a desk and flash everyone when the teacher wasn’t looking .

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