What is one of the worst things you have ever been dared to do?

What is one of the worst things you have ever been dared to do?? I have been dared to run across the neighbors yard and knock on their door in my bra and underware and ask if I could use their phone!! and they actually let me use it!!!

Answer #1

I was once dared to go outside naked and crack up the thin ice in the pool then walk in it till my dick was below the freezing cold water and bare to stay in there for a min. walk out and run to get a hot shower. lmao!

Answer #2

I’ve been dared to touch a boy’s butt!

Answer #3

Mostly stunts as a kid…like jumping off this huge, high jetty into the water…stuff like that

Answer #4

who dared you don’t do it again they will call the cop

Answer #5

I was once dared to kiss my brother!!!

Answer #6

Well I had to put a pennny on a toilet and move it around the toilet with my tounge.

Answer #7

cc618, I told them why I was there and they thought it was funny! So I dont think they would call the cop(S)…

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