Baby growing teeth

What age to infants start to get and cut teeth?

Answer #1

teeth can come at any time, all kids are diffrent but they normally start cutting around 10 to 12 month but i know a little girl that did not get her first tooth till she was 18 month, so there is not a time for them really they just come when they feel like it

Answer #2

From memory, my older son started getting his first teeth around ~6 months, however, depending on your son or daughter, they might get teeth sooner or later, as it’s not an exact age, but a range of 1-3 months that they start getting teeth, so between 6-9 months. When they start teething and wanting to chew on everything, then you know your baby is getting teeth.

Also, sometimes when the teeth come in, they get a mild fever - don’t worry about it, but definitely see the pediatrician or give their office a call to make sure everything is fine. Good luck.

Answer #3

DEPENDS on the baby. My daughter got her first 2 teeth at 3 months. And now at 6 months is cutting 5 teeth at THE SAME TIME!! I’m going crazy.. lol

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