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When should I start brushing my babies teeth/gums? He got his first two teeth last week and I realised that I should probably start brushing his teeth, or should I rather use the wipes and if I used a toothbrush...what type of toothbrush would be the best? He is 7 months now.

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you can 'wipe' them, but to be honest, it's better to start him with a brush. at this stage his sugary in take should be virually nothing, so brushing like you or I brush isn't entirely necassary.

however, obviously there is some corrosive products going in babys mouth, so brushing is recomended.

in addition, at this stage it ias just as much about getting baby used to have a giant bit of plastic it his mouth. also, I woul drecomend you take him to see a dentist. getting some proffesional advise is good, but the real benefit is to get him used to seeing the dentist. so many children have a fear of denstist because they are exposed later. get one dentist who you know will be around for a while.

and make sure you use a floradated toothpaste to help protect teeth...

looks like he's pointing at his toothy-pegs in piccy lol! like "you're not coming anywhere near em'" lol

and smile :OD

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Yes he needs to have his teeth brushed. If you go to a drugstore or somewhere like Toys are Us or Babies are Us, they sell special toothbrushes for babies. Some of them go over your finger and you kind of rub it over their gums. And other sort of look like a toothbrush but without the bristles.

They also sell toothpaste for babies that does not have Flouride in them. They should not have Flouride toothpaste because if they swallow it , it could be very harmful to them. Not sure what it does but my children's doctor made sure I knew not to use flourinated toothpaste.

Oh, if he's teething now the toothbrush that goes over your finger feels really good on their swollen gums, babies also like to chew on it (since it's made out of rubber). Just don't let go of it because, he could swallow it and choke.

Good luck and enjoy him (mine are now 6, 5 & 3)

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I think I wouldn't b very comfortable 4 a small baby to have a brush in the mouth. you can wrap a muslin cloth around your index finger ad gently rub it over his tiny teeth to remove the plague. That'll b good enough.

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Yes, you need a baby-friendly brush and toothpaste (ask at a pharmacy) but you should start as soon as the teeth come through.

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actually - teeth corrosion starts as soon as babies teeth come through, so yes, some kind of oral care is preferable...

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I don't think it's wise to brush a baby's teeth, but ask your doctor.

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