What is the best ance spot treatment?

I want something to reduce redness, swelling and just make my zits go away! can anybody suggest anything?

Answer #1

I’d like to know to. I’ve been to doctors, been on tablets, creams! Tried countless prouducts and nothing has worked since I was 9-10 years old. There not as bad as when they where now, but it does make you sad having them all the time.

Answer #2

Well garnier and nutragina I find are really good. Also witch hazel foam wash makes your skin really soft and its really gentle and easy!!! Plus it lasts soo long!

Answer #3

I usto have mild acne and I bought the Murad Acne Complex Thing Its a starter kit that I bough at sephora for about $36 I dont remmember the exact price and it comes with 4 things in like sample size to try it . it comes with a spot treatment too. it helped clear up acne and reduce redness.but you can do some research on some drugstore products.

Answer #4

I use AcneFree severe acne treatment. You can buy it at Walmart.

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