What kind of treatment will help with ance and pimples?

What kind of treatment will help with ance and pimples!!! Thats really easy please I need help!!!

Answer #1

I use Clearasil and it works really good. I have the skin perfecting wash, and the daily pore cleansing pads. they are really nice to use in the morning before school, because they keep your face looking clean. when I use them, it makes the redness in the pimples go away.

Answer #2

Toothpaste can work well for a quick spot treatment, but not for a large breakout. There arent any acne miracle workers (contrary to popular belief) The best thing you can do is wash your face regularly with some sort of facewash (not soap!) I have found Nutrogena and Clean and Clear to be the best. Test each wash on a small part of your face before you fully wash with it. This can prevent embarrassing reactions that may occure.

Answer #3

thanx guys:)

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