best treatment to get rid of blackheads.

Whats the best treatment to get rid of blackheads.. That realiie works Please help!!!

-thnkz <3 Leslie

Answer #1

Hey advice girl is right haha clean and clear is the way to go. There is one that is specifically made for blackheads-I use it and love love love it. Its a purple bottle that says clean and clear black head clearing scrub. you can find it at walmart for about 4.50. good luck hun!!

Answer #2

Biore Pore Strips They make them for over the nose and over the sides, cheeks,chin, and forehead. Wet the area where you want to put the strip(just a tiny bit, helps the adhesive stick properly) place the strip and lightly push flat and making sure entire strip is touching flat to the skin. Wait about 10 min or until kind of hard,crusty feel and pull off —start with 1 side and remove (pull only from 1 side!!) Turn it over and see all the little “tree stumps”— those are the blackheads that were pulled out of the pores. Can be used 1 time each area every 7 days.

Answer #3

thnkz guys :)

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