A good dinner to make with chicken and potatos :)

Okay, so me and my dad are making a nice meal for my mum tonight :) My dad has brought chicken breast and Potatoes and brocalie and runner beans :) And I need a nice easy reciepe or just some help on what to do with the food to make it nice, we know how to coook it but like how do we make it nicee:)

Answer #2

I think you shud bake the chicken breats put salt pepper garlic powder and onions in a baking dish and bake it like that and its really good and take the potatoes peel them then put them into a pot with water and let them boil till soft and mash them and make home made mash potatoes boil the broccoli and just eat it like that and I have no idea what runner beans are…good luck I hope it turns out great and happy new years…

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