What are some things you make for supper?

I am trying to figure out more things that I can make for supper because right now the only thing I make is hamburger helper cause I don’t know what else to cook. I also make tacos and spegetti once in a while. Any ideas?

Answer #1

Well, you can stuff just about anything into a tortilla…

Pot Roast in a crock pot is easy…BBQ chicken in the oven (or ribs)…

I’ve been cooking so long, I’m more into figuring out how to get out of it.


Answer #2

similar to taco’s you could make fajitas or you can make some simple pasta dishes which sound hard to make but are actually really easy like seafood pasta or stir fry, which are also good because you can put almost anything in and use up felt overs (: hope this helped

Answer #3

When you learn cooking method instead of trying to learn recipes, your options for meals become essentially limitless. One basic method, sautee, goes like this:

  1. Heat liason (oil or fat) added to hot pan
  2. Protein product added to hot liason, cooked 3/4 on one side, turned, finished, and removed from pan
  3. Pan deglazed with flavorful liquid and reduced, making sauce.

Done and done. That’s 4,000 meals in three steps. By mixing up proteins and the liquids, you’ve got everything from bourbon shrimp to pineapple pork.

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