What is something healthy or good I can make in the morning?

What is something good or healthy that I can make in the morning cause im really hungry and its 10 am I usally eat by 11 but I ccant think of any thing to eat lol

Answer #1

I usually make 3 eggs (2 egg white, one whole egg), with a piece of cheese and some tomato in an omelet. occasionally some garlic powder. …and a “light” english muffin with I cant believe its not butter spray, or jelly. check the local grocery store, theres a brand that has “light” with 8 grams of fiber (more than the high fiber kind lol), and they’re delicious.

and I usually have 2 pieces of morning star veggie bacon (im a vegetarian… but the bacon tastes exactly like regular bacon, and its extremely healthy for you. my fiance is in the military and lovesss meat and likes the morningstar veggie bacon) :]

…I usually eat breakfast at 8ish, and im completley full and content until around 3 or 4 pm!

Answer #2

lol…haha you can just eat toast and jelly are maybe a full course meal (breakfast food only).

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