What is a good present for a 15 year old kid?

Basketball stuff Running stuff Running shorts Headphones Shorts Disposable camra

Answer #1


Answer #2

hmmm does he or she like pets cause you could get them a chinchilla or something fun

Answer #3

looks like you just answered your own question lol. did you want more suggestions? is the kid a boy or a girl?

Answer #4

Just give them money. Everybody likes money.

Answer #5


Answer #6

if its a boy or a girl, money is a good choice. if its a girl give her perfume, jewlry, makeup, music stuff as in headphones, ipod, mp3 player. as for a boy, basketball stuff, video games, air soft gun, paintball gun, ipod, mp3 player. hope I helped!!!(:

Answer #7

If they have an mp3 get them a decent pair of headphones because the sound quality will be so much better. Or gift vouchers are always a good way to go.

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