what to get a 15 year old girl for a b-day present? :/

I really need some ideas I dont have a clue what to get her :( we both really really like each other but are not actually going out an I might ask her soon but its her b-day on the 2nd of june and I want to get her something special :/ shes a scene kid if that helps lol I was thinking about asking her out on her b-day as well (: if we can wait that long lol any help would be much appreciated (:

Answer #1

omfg dont get her roses thats freaky… for 30 year olds maybe… just get her a card and some money or summat no roses … seriously people im 15 and scene… but roses id prick myself

Answer #2

oo, gift card tickets to a gig :D xx

Answer #3

haha my birthdays like about 6 days after hers :) umm liek what they said, buy her a nice card that says something.. mmm flowers and maybe draw her a picture or write her a poem talking about how much you like her or about her birthday ( I alwasy write poems to peple.. tehy like it) haha well really it depends but hope that helped and that you to will be together soon :::) bya bullet!!

Answer #4

I think a nice bouquet of roses would be nice, and maybe ask her out in a card or something, like tell her to open and read it in front of you, [if you plan on asking her out!] But yeah, I think I nice huge bouquet of roses, a card and maybe a super cute and huge teddy bear..lol I just cant think of anything that a guy would get a girl for their birthday that isnt romantic, ya know? I feel like if you get her shirt or something it might be too “friendly” and you want to take things to the next level with her, so be romantic =]

Answer #5

thanks everyone (:

Answer #6

I think it depends on what kind of girl she is :) the roses was a good idea I think most girls like roses..

Answer #7

I think girls love things that you have made for her… if you can paint, paint or sketch her image and give her or some liove songs cds and stuff like that it works because I alway give things like to my girl friends and they all give me a gr8 kiss in return… hehe gud li\uck

Answer #8

make up?? perfume??

Answer #9

get her some ballons defintly and gift card to her favor place or something.

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