What's a good present for a 16 year old girl?

Neither are having a sweet 16 so it doesnt have to be anything big.

Answer #1

id just give the girl money then she can get her own thing and not return whatever u get her. you know u could ask her to.

Answer #2

I guess it depends who they are to you. Are they friends or is either a girlfriend? If it’s a girlfriend you could go with something such as a necklace or bracelet. If they’re friends you could go with perfume or maybe a CD from their favourite musical artist? Or you could just be a really cool friend and take them out to the movies to whichever movie they want to see. The movies thing is easy, especially since you could casually ask which newly in theatre movie they’re interested in.

Answer #3

If i were you i would give her some perfume, earings or just money. hope this helps xx

Answer #4

Well I’m close to that age and I can honestly tell you that if it were me I’d want money! =D Here’s why: At this age, it’s the time where one is developing a range of all sorts of new interests, and narrowing down what they do and don’t like! And because there is SOO many choices that the girl could NOT like, Money is the best choice, because she can choose herself XD

Answer #5

Thanks fr not sayin money like evry1 else lol nd their fr friends of my girlfriend,she wants me to be friends wit them sooo I figure tht this will b a good start…so I’ll probly go with the cd idea thanks again

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