What hairstlyes are really fashionable for girls?

Long or short? What kind of fringes? Layers? thanks.

Answer #1

there are a mix of hairstyles in at the moment. We’ve just come out of a phaze of short hairstyles therefore if you choose to go down that road then you most likely will be unique as others will have changed. Personally just now I like the long hairstyle with sharp rough jagged layers because when styled properly they can have real effect. Another popular one just now I think is mid length and curled. Regardinging fringes it depends what length of hair you have. I think it you have particularly short hair then avoid a front fringe. Side fringes are very popular still and you’ll find a lot of people are going back to front fringe then changing back to side as they have got so used to it. At the end of the day when you get your hair done pick something that suits you,the shape of your face, the colour of your hair and a style you know you your self can easily manage to maintain.

Answer #2

first of all… PLEASE DONT GO BALD~~~ LOL

Scene and other emo cuts are in… even if you are prep. Dont get the whole exotic colors though. stick with black or brown, and blonde even looks hott now. Also curls are in, and a puff in front. but no matter what NO BALDYNESS

Answer #3

There are a lot of different styles - I don’t think theres really much of one ever “in style” at the moment, most people just usually do whatever looks good with their face and style. I notice a lot of people experimenting with different colours, some layers, and a lot of people have been teasing their hair as well.

Answer #4

It depends on the shape of your face, but I also think you should go bald. Or get dreads.

Answer #5

why bother quessing,go bald!!!

Answer #6

lol NO dont go BALD!!!

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