Why are girls obsessed with make-up and fashion?

I mean with make-up and Fashion, I dont mind a little bit of make-up, thats not caked on there like it never going to come off, or clothes that are realy expensive, but why does htat stuff get carried away?

Sorry if I a intimidating or effign someone off.. Just curious as to ehy this is so!

Answer #1

Make-up is mostly about insecruties. My best friend won’t actually look at people and she will keep her head down if she doesn’t have foundation on because she believes she’s so ugly without it! I have similar insecurities about my skin and all that and I truly do think that a lot of people, including me, do look a lot better with the right make-up on but they still look good without it. Obsession with fashion can also be insecurities, brand names are very important to a lot of people, a lot of the time it is because they believe they will be/feel superior to people without the designer labels or whatever or it’s rich people trying to show that they are rich. Also lets accept this, the real thing(I.e. designer clothing) does always look a lot better. Well I guess that’s just my view on it and of course I am being very general and there are exceptions but it does apply to many people.

Answer #2

I have no idea. I don’t use make up at all. And I don’t shop that much. Because it doesn’t really matter to me. I just wear clothes that suit me, are comfortable, and aren’t over the board with expenses. I guess I’m weird or something but I don’t really care for my looks.

Answer #3

because most feel like it makes them look better to guys, and it way way way improves their self confidence, which makes them better around guys. but I have the same thoughts as you, no make-up, mostly t-shirts & jeans, and my hair is always in a pony… but that’s just me

    (and I do live on a farm lol)
Answer #4

I think it’s exciting to see that transformation take place… it’s a form of creativity.

But the problem with wearing a lot, all the time, is that when anyone sees your real face they run for cover, lol. Well it feels like it, sometimes… “Are you ok? tired?”

Answer #5

I honestly don’t feel pretty wearing make up, and I don’t go wild for it! - but I wear it on certain occasions! I guess it’s because some girls just don’t feel pretty or confident with out it! - for example I know this girl who goes far out with make-up, and when she dosen’t wear any… no offense… but she dosen’t look as pretty - cause everyones so use to her wearing make-up! as for fasion… I think it’s basically because people want to look in style and not fall back on old trends!!

Answer #6

I personally like make-up. Many people say that a person is beautiful naturally and I have nothing against that because in most cases, it’s true! I believe make-up is used only to enhance those features. I was in my sister’s wedding and the make-up artist told me I have big eyes and the color she was using around my eyes was going to make them even bigger and softer. People can look their best with nothing on but if you could enhance certain parts, why not?

Answer #7

I dont wear Make up and I dont shop unless I have to

Answer #8

I dont feel prety wearing it either. But I have nothign against it.

Answer #9

because they think they can be sexeh!

Answer #10

I use all that stuff because it makes me personally feel more confident. Yet some girls can get carried away but I guess thats how they like there makeup.

Answer #11

usually its the less confident women who over do these things.

doing this in moderation is just a woman wanting to spruce up her look, nothing wrong with that.

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