How many girls feel really insecure when not wearing a thong?

How many girls feel really insecure when not wearing a thong? Like I just feel so awkward wearing any other kind of underwear is there anyone else thats like this?

Answer #1

I would definetly agree with the guy above me

Answer #2

Well, I’m a guy and I do know that it will sound weird but I feel better wearing a thong then any other pair of underwear.

Answer #3

I like thongs but I only wear them when I’m concerned about panty lines. Mostly wear boy shorts.

Answer #4

I enjoy my thongs more than any other kind. Ibut im not insecure about it

Answer #5

Im the opposite. I feel more comfortable in french lacy panties. When im in a thong, I feel my a*s is hanging out and is fat and saggy… which its probs not, but thats how I feel in a thong.

Answer #6

nahhh, I tend to think that boy shorts are a lot cuter anyway. They are my favorite.

Answer #7

hmm why would you feel insecure when you dont wear one?? I would think it would be the other way around..anyway no I dont…lol..I liove them..:))

Answer #8

I no what you mean. I always feel more atractive in thongs.

Answer #9

I hate thongs! Butt floss :P I prefer boy shorts ahaa

Much more cuter in my opinion

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