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What does it really mean if you are cute to a girl?

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This question is really for girls.

Quite a few of my (girl) friends at school say im cute, but are they really complimeting me?

When a girl says cute, are they saying I am good looking in a cute way, just good looking/hot/fit, or are they saying that I am cute as in AWWW... HE/SHE IS SOOO CUTE. Or are they saying something else? I am not really small, about average height and stuff, and I don't have a face that makes me look really young for my age. I look about 15 (and I am 15).

It's just that the girl I like always calls me a cutie, and I want to know if that means she actually thinks I'm good looking in a good way, or a bad way :S


PS: I live in England, just in case cute means different things in different countries. But anyone's advice is great.