Do tight jeans on guys mean they're gay?

does a man with tight jeans mean hes gay? I got to say when I see a gay men they or pretty much dressed like straight guys. I wear western jeans and they shrenk a bit after washes. I’ve had a couple of people ask me if im gay cause my jeans or tight. does tight jeans stand for gay??? have I missed something??? lol.

Answer #1

no it doesnt mean your gay I hang with skaters and they wear them just becauswe someone is in denial about their look they will judge you I say no and dont worry about it

Answer #2

Nope! I hate how when some people see guys with tight jeans they always assume that they are gay. Angers me. People should be able to wear what they want without being judged.

Answer #3

Dear believesnsaints, of course not. We cannot an should not judge anyone by what they wear. Sue…good luck

Answer #4

no the tight jeans on a guy means we r skaters or punkers or we just like how they feel, I wear tight jeans all the time and I guarentee I’m not homosexual

Answer #5

hell no! some guys in tight jeans just like the style ! and trust me, some guys in ridiculously tight jeans, look ridiculously hot :]

Answer #6

no…boys in tight jeans look fit!

Answer #7

no…boys in tight jeans look fit!

Answer #8

in some ocasions yes but its mostly a NO they be looken gud in them tooo!!!

Answer #9

No I Wear tight jeans all the time they are so comfortable and SEXY

Answer #10

I think skinny jeans on guys basically just mean the dress well. I dont like baggy jeans rolling of to the ground ickkk gross!

Answer #11

No way. I personally think guys in tight jeans are hot.

Answer #12

Nooooooooooo tight jeans r sikk i love wearin miness!

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