Will calamine lotion help with pimples?

Ok so I bought calamine lotion, I want to know if it helps with pimples. If yes, then how long does it usually take to work its magic? Btw I got pimples like on my cheek and they take a long long time to go away on their own =(

Answer #1

I don’t know about that it seems like it would clog your pores no what I mean? somthings you can try instead though is proctive, vickey and clarkd face kits, rubbing a tomatoe on your face should help, and tooth paste dots left on the pimples and left all night is said to help

Answer #2

its a old remedy but said to work ;)

Answer #3

Yes I used it and left it on for an hour. My pimple shrunk in a short period of time. I was so happy. Try it as spot treatment for pimples. Calmine works wonders on skin problems.

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