Do pimple lotions work?

Does the spot loutions work or not as spots in my life is the worst thing as I want spot free skin and to have soft skin too. Which spot loutions work?

Answer #1

put some lemon juice on your pimples for about 15 mins then wash off. you can also put it on at night and wash it off in the morning. lemon juice is really handy. you can use it for making your hair blonder, making freckles less noticable and getting rid of pimples…I love it…

Answer #2

then you need to find one thats specially for sensitive skin! theres also heaps of brands to try. id recomend starting with something like “clean and clear” unless you mean like freckle spots… and not acne freckle like spots dont really go away, but you can buy creams that will help fade them a bit

Answer #3

Save your money, none of them actually work. If you have a great imagination you can watch the spots after using the lotion and believe they are shrinking or going away. I had some old age spots on my arms and changed my diet and they have faded away.

Answer #4

no !!! the costors gave me sum tablets once they worked tho I used all them lotions spent like 100 pound on them just to get even spottier :(

Answer #5

well not all of them work, but a lot of them can be helpful first you need to find out your skin type oliy, dry, combination, ect and then choose a product that specializes in treating spots for your particular skin type!

Answer #6

I got this spot stuff from doctors and sometimes it dont work and then more spoys come in the worst places when I have put the lotion on aswell

Answer #7

I didnt know you could use lemon juice I will try that

Answer #8

oh rite that aint good. do you rekon I should see my doctor see if he can get my tablets for it

Answer #9

I have sensative skin and fair skin

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