What do you want for christmas?

Hey people I just want to know what people would like for christmas? This will help me to! because I dont have a clue! oh well

x kawaii girl x

Answer #1

combat boots my hair to grow back -_- dye my hair…but not before I convince my mom lol I can always hope what do YOU want (you’ve got to have some idea)

Answer #2

I want nthing matirial the best would be just having ma brother not like he is and my dad in not so much trouble whit the law. I just want my life to get straight,

Answer #3

Pillow Pet!!!

Answer #4

to live with my mom, not my dad.

Answer #5

Think of some films you’d like, that what I always do :) and look through the Argos catalogue :P

Answer #6

A new ipod(:


Answer #7

its the thought that counts

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