What do I want for christmas?

I dont know what I want for christmas I already have a new phone and I got an ipod last year I dont want clothes but if I dont think of something im just going to get money and that sucks >.<

Answer #1

What you could do is study online. Go through some stores and see if you can find something. Personally, I would just ask for money (so I could get what I really want), but if not, then yeah. research. Don’t restrict yourself. Go to online book, clothing, jewlery, electronics, art (supplies or pictures, whatever), furniture, music, movie and even antique stores. You might find what you want or need, and then you can find the something similar in your nearby stores or even just get it online. The choice is up to you, but I say research so you can get a better Idea.

Answer #2

thank you ^_^

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