What do you want for christmas 2009?

What do all of you funadvice members want for christmas?
I want a BRAND NEW mobile/cell phone with 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 MB of memory for my music.
(Admins, you better get involved too). :)

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my samsung freeform to come early and new camura a better straghtener and mary chrismans every one hope you get want you want

ANSWER #2 of 8

I want
-a disco ball for my room XD
-pink chi straightener

that's all I really asked for lol

Merry christmas everyone : )

No idea what iam going to get my son for christmas

ANSWER #3 of 8

I want my boyfriend to get what he wants first, then after he gets what he wants...I want the nikon p90 24x optical zoom camera :)

Merry Christmas!

what can I get my sister for christmas?
ANSWER #4 of 8

Welll (:
-the samsung tocco lite
-an ipod nano or classic
-not to have this stupid cold D:

merry christmas ryan :D x

Christmas help!

ANSWER #5 of 8

I want my first iPod Touch and my very first digital camera, mainly cause I have always wanted one.

Merry Christmas FunAdvice! :)

What should I get my fiance for Christmas?
ANSWER #6 of 8

I forgot to say..

merry christmas!! :)

What to get for christmas?

ANSWER #7 of 8

new headphones!!! lol.

Is my christmas list too demanding do you think?
ANSWER #8 of 8

I want my first cell phone...
Merry Christmas

What to get him for christmas?

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