What does everybody want for Christmas?

what does evry body want for christmas? I am so bored so ya answer my question please

Answer #1

a new phone because mine s*cks and a digital camera! maybe justicewill get me somehting… lol doubtful. I never said that jessie

Answer #2

all I want is a digital camera, but I dont know if my dad can afford that and I told him I dont need any thing

Answer #3

To finish my sleeve, I am working on a full sleeve of tat’s on my left arm, Or World Peace! Maybe some snow>

Answer #4

wii .

hollister , am. eagle and coogii clothes

jordans and forces

laptoppp (:

Answer #5

2 b wit da girl that I love =-)

Answer #6

a knew cellphone, duh! lol

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