What do you want for christmas?

So, all you guys?
What do you want for Christmas...
I don't think I want anything really...
so also a few ideas for me pleaseee =D

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ther awesome

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A laptop and an ipod touch!!

fiance pressent for christmas?

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Laptop so I can go on this more. (Like I'm not already? haha)

But yeah, I want a laptop so I can go on websites without my family knowing what I'm going on (or asking) :)

what about you?

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a new cell phone :)

Christmas shopping

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im dreaming of a new hunky muscle man apron lolll

What should I get my mom for Christmas?
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well I dont celebrate christmas
but I know what I would like in general :)
-ensiferum hoodie
-return to castle wolfenstein pc game
-assasins creed pc game
-wii fit
-tickets to see turisas next time they play live
-a welsh springer spaniel dog

and well you must surely want something

What do I get my byfriend for christmas?

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What to get my girlfreind for Christmas?
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I would like an hp laptop and still not have to sell my iPod touch.

What is a good gife for christmas?

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a tube overdrive guitar effects pedal
and thats about it lol

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I would like (but not going to get, hehe) either:
*A laptop, or
*Ipod 5th generation, or
*Getting my ears pierced 8 months before I'm actually allowed to, or
*Michael Jackson, or
*Model Titanic, or
*Some Titanic and MJ memorabillia


What are some good last minute things to get for Christmas for stocking stuffers?
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My little one is going to be born in less than 2 weeks, that's my Christmas present and I honestly couldn't ask for more. Although I did want a Wii.

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Laptop = )x

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ermmm the samsung tocco lite :)

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