What do you want for Christmas?

What would/will be on your Christmas list this year?

Answer #1

I want a cell phone that works,that Has a plan,so I dont need to Pay 15 dollars for features that dont work on the crapy cell phone I’ve got. I’ve also got my eye on a nice comforter set for my bed ;]

Answer #2

Whirled peas. Good will towards people. …and bringing the troops home from any armed conflict, where they are the invaders, irregardless of the reason or country of origin.

Answer #3

I don’t want anything material I already have everything anyone would ever want. Christmas is always a sad time of the year for me. I deal with depression I’t would be nice to have some peace of mind less worries and at least one hug…you would be surpised how much more an “I Love you” means than getting a cell phone or a car or tv or something like that.

Answer #4

Now 26 cd fly pen ipod Transformers Cool!!!

Answer #5

Diamonds please!

Answer #6

clothes, laptop, juicy,uggs, nikes, sweats, lot and lots of sox, and pats to win win win

Answer #7

either a sansa mp3 player or a at-home gym

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