What do you think the significance of this dream is?

I woke up on Christmas Day at about 7 am, but I fell asleep until 8, and had a strange dream. My favorite band is Honor Society. I was walking in my high school with a friend on my hockey team, and a friend that doesn’t even go to that school in real life. It was lunch time, and typically my friends and I waste time, so we were the only ones in the hallway. Suddenly I see four guys walking toward the cafeteria. I whisper to my friend, “That’s Honor Society.” I guess it was louder than I thought because the lead singer turned around, and without thinking, I yelled, “Michael Bruno!!!” and ran up to them. We acted all cool around them, and walked into the cafeteria, which had booths (our normal cafeteria has tables), and the guys sat with us. They were taking one person somewhere, but I forgot where. After an hour of talking with us, it came down to me and my best friend, and they chose me. I remember leaning across the table (it hurt my stomach) and hugging Jason, the keyboard player. His hair was really, really soft (I remember the smells and how they’re hands/hair felt vividly), and he rubbed my back and said, “Alright, girl. Here’s what’s up.” and then I woke up. I didn’t eat anything sweet before bed, or drink any soda…what do you think this dream is telling me?

Answer #1

That’s what I figured, It was kind of weird because I liked them but I liked another artist a lot better, but after the dream I’m going crazy over them. So thanks =]

Answer #2

this dream is telling you that you are obsessed with that band. besides that, its nothing. its just a dream.

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