What do you think dreams tell us?

Do you think dreams give us a look on what the future holds? I keep having the same wierd dream but everytime its a different scenario. Its what I want to happen in reality buts its only occuring in my dream. Do you think in the future that this dream might happen? Thanks!

Answer #1

they tell us something that we already are aware of but are too caught up in our own lives to relize

Answer #2

Your scenario is probably just the expression of subconscious desires. It can be a way to get away to fantasy land to make dealing with the hassles of everyday life more bearable.

Answer #3

Some dreams can be premonitions, but it is very unlikely. A dream is your subconcious showing you your thoughts and worries. It may be because you want this to happen and are thnking about it, that you keep having this dream. It is just your mind processing the thought. There is nothing to suggest this dream will not come true, but you will need to set the wheels in action in your waking life rather than just hoping it will turn out that way because you dreamt it. Go towards your dreams and you may well succee- you won’t get there without trying. Good luck!

Answer #4

Dream tell us a lot of things for example we may be thinking about something and we dream it like we are lving it… also it can tell us we are sad and also that we are depressed, dreams tell us everything we keep inside our minds…

Answer #5

dreams can tell us anything. you could have a dream about a baby one day and then the next someone could be pregnant. that could be very possible though. I’ve had dreams about this one guy over and over except eacb one was different.

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