What do you think this dream means? Wedding?

Okay well I have this crush and he’s to old for me but I cant control my feelings okay! And well I had this dream that I was gona marry him. And that I didnt have any vows made, and I think it was a wedding rehersal. But anyway we were about to kiss and then we didnt, and we went home and we went to bed.(before at the wedding)- the rings were in two heart shape boxes. But we didnt really know where to stand and stuff.

But anyway I said we were gona kiss because I had a couple other dreams that I was gona kiss someone but I didnt, so if that might have anything to do with it.

And I’v tried dream moods and the dream dictionarys but they dont really help, so just tell me what you might think it means. Thanx:)

Answer #1

thanx to the first answer! :)

I dont really understand the second one.

Answer #2

it means you really like this person, and are getting to feel intamite with them.. and you probably wanna try more things, or move further in your relationship.. it probably is tellin you… you are ready to move to the next step…

Answer #3

well are you gay or are you a girl because I dont like gay guys they are alittle to much for me but im not sayin I like guys and if you do umm well say YES!!! and if your a girl also say YES!! to the wedding!!! dont know if that hepls tho HA!!!

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