What do you think about the Islamic religon?

What do you think about islamic religon? Im a muslim woman and I ware a scarf and cover my hair, and 60% of the pepole look at me like I have a desies. Islamik religon is like all religons but some pepole make it look diffrent. Tell me your opinion or questions. La ilah illa allah

Answer #2

Unfortunately, there are those who have hijacked the ‘religion of peace’ and turned it into the ‘religion of intolerance’ (committing numerous evil/irrational deeds) under the banner of Islam - I would hope more of Islam would speak out against these mad people acting out in the name of Islam - makes it very hard to trust.

Answer #3

I think all religions are the same. They have good people and bad people. You have a right to believe the way you want and dress according to your religion. The way you will reach people is to show them your good character. Sooner or later, they will come around and stop judging you for your looks.

Answer #4

you know what I wouldnt worry about what other people think. now im not a religous person but I do have my own beliefs you do too and I think that if you are a strong enough believer in your faith then you shouldnt worry about what others are thinking. people judge people on all sorts of things usually because they are not educated so dont worry about it xx

Answer #5

I do love islam becouse it opend my heart more then I can ever imagin! I held my head high and I know that what I belive in is right pepole like it or not.

Answer #6

Islam is a system of codified superstition, just like the other popular religions.

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