what do you people think of Islam???

what do you people think of the islamic religion??? plzzz answer freely… bst wishes, !!!~may~!!!

Answer #1

Must I say this till I’m hoarse?

         Its supposed to be a religion of peace.Some people do wrong by using ias an excuse.They gather up young Muslims and brainwash them by saying that extremism in Islam is good and if you kill for Islam,you are not a sinner but a 'true beliver'.Thats wrong.
Answer #2

wooow… well…thank you guys I just asked that because I’m muslim and many people said that islam is a religion that if full of killing and you know these stuff so I just wanted 2 know thnx bst of all wishes may

Answer #3

It’s an organized religion, and is based on the same nonsense as all other organized religions.

Answer #4

well I have been with my partner 4 3 years he is muslim I have been studying islam 4 about 1 and a half years and I am so glad I wil never look back

Answer #5

“It’s a dangerous mind control cult, just like most religions.”

Depends on which church/mosque/cult/synagogue/temple you attend. Different groups have varying degrees of radicalism

Answer #6

I think every1 should have there right to believe what they believe in as long as it does not involve someone getting killed or comitting suicide

Answer #7

It’s a dangerous mind control cult, just like most religions.

Answer #8

It’s a religion and people are entitled to put their faith in it

That’s it

Answer #9

I love them because am one of them ;)

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