What do you all think about India?

What do you all think about India just need your Views everyone here is from different community and different background so I would like to know what do you know about it , what all have you heard about People in India , culture and things happening in India.

Answer #1

I’ve never been there myself but I would like to oneday. I have a few really close friends from India. One of them got married a year ago and I went to her wedding which was so different from any other wedding I’ve ever been to. It was so colourful, it was really lovely.

Answer #2

its beautiful and I want to go there

Answer #3

I traveled to India many times and I love India :)

Answer #4

well there women are beautiful

Answer #5

Incredible India !!!!

Answer #6

India is a beautiful country with a wonderful heritage and lovely travel destinations. There are many languages spoken in India. It is widely popular for its natural charm and rich culture.

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