Who do you find more attractive , white people or black ?

Who do you find more attractive , white people or black ?

For me whites are defiantly attractive , I wish I was white myself

Answer #1

white not a rasist either

Answer #2

for me it depends on the guy..

Answer #3

Colour doesnt matter!! What is inside does :)

Answer #4

awww dont say that bout urself bbz I think both races are equally in looks :)

Answer #5

I like them both. I’ve dated both. it all just really depends on who it is. and I mean, if they’re hot, they’re hot, right??

Answer #6

I don’t find any one race more attractive than the others.

Answer #7

I find white people more attractive. I don’t have anything against black people, that is just the way that I am.

Answer #8

They’re both beautiful in their own way. I know that sounds cliched, but it’s really true!

Answer #9

well to be quite honest, I am really attracted to black guys. I have nothing agains white boys its just I feel more comfortable around black guys and I just love black guys. not really sure why

Answer #10

I am a black,I think both blacks and whites are okay.It depends on personality, and choice

Answer #11

personally, it doesn’t make a difference what colour your skin is I go for personality !! xoxo

Answer #12


Answer #13

my friends white but every black guy she sees she dribbles over them honestly she thinks your all so hot!!

Answer #14

I find all people attrctive I guezz me 2 tell you the truth I find that black I beautiful like me except im not all blck im latina, black, and indian mixed and I embrace all my cultures!!!

Answer #15

WHAT ?! I get where you all are coming from it is just that it is easyer to find a hot white guy BUT!! for me its like there are a lot of hot white guys but when I see a hot black guy it is just as good ones not better then the other just gota no where to look

Answer #16

I don’t think it matters

Answer #17

For girls I think white and for guys I think white. I think that black people can hot too but I am just more attracted to white people though.

(I have nothing against black people btw just to let everbody know.)

Answer #18

I think that liking someone has a lot more to do with how the person is, not their race or skin color. A skin color can’t make you like someone, it can’t make you love someone either. You have to get to know them and all of their traits to decide whether or not you like them. There are attractive people in both races, with both skin colors, though..

Just my opinion. =)

Take care.

Answer #19

well hm I cant really choose both races are attractive 2 me but if I had 2 choose I think blacks are a little more attractive hey black is beautiful but I think thats kinda sad you wish you were white thats little strange but hey do u

Answer #20

I’ve dated white guys, black guys, and I have a daughter by a mixed guy. It really just depends. I think that certain black girls are pretty, I think that certain white girls are pretty. I am white, and obviously you can tell that I am not racist. It really just depends on the person. (I have never thought that a really WHITE person was pretty, or a really BLACK person was pretty)

Answer #21

I don’t pick a certain race over another one when it comes to personality, but I seem to be more attracted to blacks. I mostly like like the mixed guys. I am mixed myself and I tend to just like them more.

Answer #22

I have never dated a black person I have loads of blacks friends but never dated one.. kissed one but never dated… I think its whats on the inside but never got round too dated a black person as I have a boyfriend and been with him for a long timee soo got no time forr anymore people in my life.. but seriouslyy both are cuteee <3 x

Answer #23

Black guys are HOTT. :] Dont stress. If a guy is hot he’s hot. Its a combination of their personality and the way they present themselves. Its not really a matter of skin color.

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