Why would black people bleach their skin?

I saw an episode on Tyra about how black women were bleaching their skin. Is it common for black people to want to have lighter skin, or are most people proud of their blackness? I for one think the darkest shades of black skin is amazingly beautiful. Nothing is more attractive to me than a really dark black man with light brown eyes. So I think it’s odd that they actually make skin bleach for black people. Then again, why do so many white girls love to tan? I’m pale as the snow and like it that way. So anyway, back to the question, is it common for black people to want to bleach their skin, and if so, why?

Answer #1

there just not comfterble

Answer #2

People of all colours/nationalities bleach their skin. Fairer skin used to have connotations with wealth and beauty, but these days mean different things for different people. Although bleaching among black and asian communities is most discussed, it is common in many white communities as well, e.g. in eastern europe, where already very pale girls wish to maintain the complexions, or even in the UK or America. Bleaching can also be used in order to achieve a flawless ‘no foundation’ look. Certainly bleaching can be very dangerous, and the person undergoing it must make sure that they are doing it for the right reasons, not because they feel inadequate or hope fairer skin will bring them happiness. In many ways, bleaching is no different from tannning, and is a process that has been practised for many years, globally.

Answer #3

I saw that episode too (love Tyra Banks Show!) and it’s ridiculous!! I hate it! I’m mixed (black and white) and I love it. I agree with crazycarlylove though. black people just think white people get more opportunities, I guess? but don’t white people want to be darker (by tanning)? Everybody gets mad and disgusted when a black/colored person wants to get lighter but when a white person wants to get darker, NOBODY says anything! can’t everybody love who they are, no matter what skin color they are?!

Answer #4

I am not black ..but I think , they like or want to bleach there skin because they hate how dark there skin is and they bellive it is more beautifal to have light skin.

Answer #5

well, im not black (im kind of brown-ish/tan, I’m filipino) but people in my country can relate to this issue. many filipinos are obsessed with whitening their skin. in here, there are a lot of pills, soaps, lotions, treatments, etc that are for whitening the skin. I dont know the exact reason why people here want to whiten their skin but I believe its because people here think pale skin is more beautiful. when people here see foreigners, they regard them as pretty/handsome just because they are pale-skinned. I really dunno why.

personally though, I already like my color and would not want to change it.

Answer #6

Well some of them do it because of racisme,others because they doen’t feel confident.I like medium and dark skin by the way.

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