Do you find some uniforms on people rather attractive?

What is your favourite uniform to see a man or woman wearing? Which do you prefer?

Answer #1

Yep I sure do think that

Answer #2

the schoolgirl or nurses uniforms, both great classics

Answer #3

Fav uniform well I can’t just pick one, the police uniform, landscapeing uniforms and doc uniforms

Answer #4

Fireman ;o without the top thing though.

Answer #5

Army uniforms are always hot on a guy

Answer #6

Not really. I just like the more thrown together randomly thing on anyone.

Answer #7

Some uniforms are attractive but, for me, a man in a 3-piece suit is just scrumptious.

Answer #8

Agree 1,000,000,000%

Answer #9

I have an aversion to all military style uniforms. And I hate “business uniforms” you know… when you walk into a room full of people on a business meeting and everyone looks the same… gray business case, tie, white shirt and a look on their face as if they had “I’m important” tatooed on their forehead. _

Answer #10

i love a man in an army uniform :)

Answer #11

certainly dressed casually, if you do not like to dress the office, whether an is not like office men? clothing depending on the situation and place :)

Answer #12

3-piece suit, I like :)

Answer #13

I think you thinks its hot if the guy is like built.

Answer #14

Ohh I love a man in uniform. Marine or Army uniforms are hooooot.

Answer #15

Well, I still have my ARMY fatiguea and dress uniform, and I also own 4 3 piece suits that I always seem to draw attention from ladies when I wear them. I guess I pull it off well, or women really do have a fetish for a man in uniform.

Answer #16

LOL. That means he has money. HARHAR :3 just kidding colleen :)

Answer #17

Thanks Stephen … give away my secret ambition to find myself a sugar daddy … :O

Answer #18

Oh a guy in a marine uniform (;

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