Is it easier for white people to get bugs in the dreads?

Is it easier for white peple to get bugs in there dreads then it is for black people? What times am i most at risk for gettin bugs during the dreading process?

Answer #1


I’m not really sure what you mean by “bugs” you mean lice? Actual bugs? Or knots?..if you mean lice, I don’t think your race or ethnicity would make much difference. As long as your clean dreads, you’ll be boyfriend had dreads for almost a year. It’s a myth that they are dirty. What you do is after you dread your hair, you don’t wash it for 2 weeks. You still shower, just put your hair in a cap. This is the “dirtiest” you’ll get. After that point, wash your hair with a shampoo bar, and not conditioner. That will break up the knots.

Good luck..

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