why is black people hair so different from white people???

why is black people hair so different from white people…I dont wanna sound weird but why cant some black peoples hair be all soft and flowey like white people and hispanics what do they do to their hair>???

Answer #1

Okay, so , human life began in Africa. The human species has developed vastly over time and in the beginning, humans had fur.

As humans evolved, this straight haired fur became less and less and then evolved into more kinky hair that we see on those of African descent today (although technically we all as a species originate from Africa).

This human being’s dark skin and long hair prevented them from too much sunlight in the heat of Africa.

Now, whats interesting is the origin of white skin and more straight hair comes from probably the Northern region of Africa.

During this time in the northern region UV rays were not strong enough for dark skin to absorb and make into vitamin D, thus white people survived better in that region and the people of that area had hair and skin become increasingly lighter with each generation.

Basically, hair depends on where a person hails from and what is necessary to survive in that region. Hope that helped!

And remember, everyone is beautiful no matter what! :)

Answer #2

I was wondering the same exact thing the other day. I couldnt figure it out research it ?lol

Answer #3

Well I don’t know but in my opinion I won’t like to have white or asian hair because you can’t never do interesting things with it.. is always straight and boring lolz.. I’m DOMINICAN and my hair is shiny and curly and is easy to manage.. I can straithen it easily and it curls back naturaly as for white or asian hair is a lot harder to even make ONE CURL or style it rather than just plain straight and life less.. that’s the reason why asians and whites use so many gel products.

Answer #4

well its just the way it is…africans hair, are short and kinky, it adapts well with the environment in africa. The fair skin, long hair, of europeans, adapts well in northern regions. Hispanics hair, are reallly a mixture of african and european hair. you know hair, skin color are superficial characteristics.. that just the way things are… there are different types of dogs.. with different fur textures, and color but they are all DOGS!! same as human beings, there are different textures, and types of people but we are all human beings…

we can’t all be alike!! that not the way nature alowed to be!! sometimes there isn’t answer to your questions, things are the way they are …

Answer #5

they dont do anything to their hair, most of them are simply born that way… it’s in their genes… people are different… why should hair be soft and flowey?

Answer #6

not all whites’ and hispanics’ hair fluffy looking. so the question is what do they do to their hair? not trying to be rude.

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