what color should I paint my living room?

Ok! so im moving into my apartment in Janurary but im going to start to get things ready, I really want to paint my living room a dark red color but I know that when I do my room will look extremly small! so im trying to figure out what other color I could use and maybe just paint one wall red someone please help im in a delima!!

Answer #1

well try to match your furniture.but red always looks nice.if you paint it red and like a white strip going across on the top it kinda bring it out makes the room look bigger.or even strips going up and down the wall

Answer #2

sounds good=)!! I was going to do white but I just dont want it to look boring and get dirty any tips?

Answer #3

if you want dark red, then paint only one wall dark red and have it as a ‘feature wall’ with the rest white.

or if you wanted to paint all the walls, you should go with a softer colour. if the area you live in is hot, paint the walls cold colours, and vice versa.

Answer #4

It’s hard for me to say when I dont know what color your other stuff is.

Answer #5

ok where I come from red is teh color of a ho bag lol you want summet netural that will go with any of your furniture like a off white color

Answer #6

You could always paint the trim dark red, that way it’s all around, but doesn’t make your apt look smaller.

Painting one wall a dark color is kind of tricky.

If you have a kitchen, you can paint the kitchen a bright red, and then the said trim being dark red would give a subtle contrast. then it would give more color there as well. Red usually always works in a kitchen. If you want to go multiple colors, you can go an offwhite (with a yellow tint) to go with the red trimmings in the rest of the apt to give it a bit of a warm feel with the red kitchen and the dark red trimming. too much dark red gets kind depressing after a while.

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