what color should I paint my room?

okay I wanted to paint it green, but my mom won’t let me. umm… maybe light blue? I’m a teen and have a big room. I don’t want it to be too bright, I’ll have trouble relaxing. any ideas?

Answer #1

why not green? my room is green.

iit’s a very pale green, with a hint of blue in it. its like the softest mint color green with white trim…why not propose that idea?

Answer #2

bright blue is very relaxing…bt you know wuts really cool…paint every wall a different color!!! like one wall red and one green and the other 2 blue!!! and u could like have every wall 2 stand 4 smthn like the red wall u’ll hang on it pictures of your frnds and maybe your boyfriend!!!

Answer #3

well man green is awesome thats messed up

Answer #4

um…look mine is light blue and I really like it but it’s kindda bright…I have a friend her room is dark pink(but not rose)and the level under it exactly…and it’s pretty cool and for the brand…it’s the orange but I don’t prefere it actually I just wanted 2 tell u gd luck

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