What color should i paint my room?

any suggestions? i have white furniture and white carpet and i kind of want my room a dark color… kind of like a calming color if that makes sense lol

Answer #1

Aqua :]

Answer #2

We have a great How To about this: http://www.funadvice.com/howto/choose_colour_room

Answer #3


Answer #4

bubble gum pink , i know i did!! :L:L:L

Answer #5

Damn, we have a How To about everything, dont we?

Answer #6

We’re working on it :)

Answer #7

Well if u want calm colors the best advice I can give u is blue tones with either light browns or greys! If u don’t like blue um they say yellow even a light yellow is suppose to subconciuisly (spelled wrong I think) will make u feel happy. Or you can use a dark grey with blue borders. But that may look boyish. It all depends on your taste! (:

Answer #8

purple , blue, green =]

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