what color should I paint my room?

I have orange sheets/curtains/comforter and I need to paint my room but I’m not sure whether I should paint the walls yellow or purple…what do you think?

Answer #1

Bright pink!!!

Answer #2

I lov3e the color bright green and looks awesome wth turquoise and black you get the best of oth worlds in one room.

Answer #3

I think the orange and the Purple or Yellow is a great idea, but I think that a yellow wall with a big purple flower on the main wall would look great and it brings the colors yoou want together! GOOD LUCK!!!

Answer #4

Thanks for the advice everyone!

Answer #5

well do you like bright colors or like dark colors?

Answer #6

Ellex - that’s EXACTLY what I was thinking…my best friend is painting it with me so do you think it would be a good idea if we painted all the walls yellow then took orange paint on one wall and drew and wrote all over it?

Answer #7

okay well bright you could paint like lime green on one wall and then kike orange on the other…ect. then cordinate the colors and make your room fun I think bright colors are more better…and if your a teen there fun! hope this helps a little :P

Answer #8

Yellow and orange!! Citrus-y, but you gotta pick a color you can wake up to.

Answer #9

PURPLE! orange and like, darkish purple go really well I think :D

Answer #10

To make it creative,mix the colors together and well splash it on the walls in different directions,creativity and pretty fun.

Answer #11

both! lol I can’t decide because I like them both

Answer #12

the only problem is not a lot of purples look good with orange.

Answer #13

id say purple

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