Feeding a one month baby

which food we can give to one month baby?

Answer #1

These days they say to wait until they are six months old because their stomachs cant handle food before.

Answer #2

You are not suposed to feed a one month old baby anything except for breast milk or formula (breast milk replacment). What are you thinking of feeding the baby?

Answer #3

at one mounth a baby should still be getting brest fed or on formula you should wait till there at least 5 mounths to start feeding them baby food

Answer #4

They cant eat food at that age as they are only 1 month old and they should have milk from breast or formluar milk. its impossible for a baby at that age to eat food. well it isnt but it isnt good for the baby.

Answer #5

I will say again that you should never feed your baby at this age anything except breastmilk or formular. Their little bodys can not handle food until at the very loeast 4 months of age which has recently been pushed up to 6 months due to testing against alergys etc. they can not digest it and I would not recomend at all feeding your baby the jars of food meant for 4-6 month olds just because it has no lumps etc. it will cause problems later on with your bubs organs.

Answer #6

I would not feed a one month old anything except formula. there are so many factors you should consider such as food alergies, and chocking. my baby started on number 1 food jars at 4 months. the doc says to start with one particular food and feed him that for about 3 days to make sure there are no allergies. then you can start with another type. also…he loves the banana flavored gerber cereal

Answer #7

I agree with bigmuma. But you can feed it baby food. It is mixed together well enough for them to easily swollow and digest it.

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